To celebrate the 10.000.000st coffeemaker produced in the Moccamaster factory, Technivorm brought back the first model ever made: The Moccamaster 68 . This special brewer comes as a limited edition in two different color combinations. As first, the green-white model which is also the first colors the brewer once had back in 1968. The other version is a more modern and sophisticated one and comes in black-white.

Many aspects of the original model are kept, for example, indicator lights and a selector switch for two to four and five to eight cups of delicious Moccamaster coffee. The intelligent hot plate keeps the coffee warm, while never burning it. It automatically switches off after 40 minutes, just like all Technivorm’s machines with a glass jug.

Read more information about the 68 here, or find your local dealer to see where to buy it.