Let’s begin with the start of Technivorm. Gerard Clement Smit, founder and industrial designer, establishes the Technivorm factory in Amerongen in the Netherlands in 1964. He started his career as an independent engineer and industrial designer. Developing i.a. various products for the Dutch coffee company Douwe Egberts, they ask him to create a coffeegrinder and the plans arose to start his own factory to produce them.

But first things first. When he started Technivorm, the first products were his own developed special step/ladders and stacking racks. Production of the first grinder started in 1965. In 1967 he got his first own small factory in Amerongen. This was the place where the first coffeemaker of Technivorm was developed. Working together with the coffee specialists, he learned a lot about what is needed to get the perfect cup of coffee, which is not only the beans. The right brewing temperature – managed by a special heating element – and the right dripping time, made that Mr. Smit created the perfect cup of coffee with his machine in 1968, which is nowadays known as the Moccamaster.